Some of the changes and new features we will be seeing at EPC Poker Leagues following the current Season:

Divisions Champs and the EPC PokerBowl®
We are adding a couple teams for Season IV, bringing the total to 10. The standings will be split up into two 5 team divisions; Ungar and Negreanu. Teams will be placed in divisions based on the previous seasons final rankings, with the odd numbered ranked teams in the Ungar Division and even numbered ranked teams in the Negreanu Division. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be the season champs, just like before, but the two division champs, plus 2 wildcards (the teams w/ the 3rd and 4th most points), will face off in a divisional playoff followed by EPC PokerBowl I. The playoffs and PokerBowl will be determined by a variety of yet to be determined poker games and tournaments; H2H matches, STT's, MTT's etc. It should be a lot of fun and also interesting to see if the regular season champs can win the PokerBowl, or if maybe a 4 seed can spring the upset. And hopefully there will be more PRIZES to be won. Just to be clear: The team with the most points after 10 weeks will be the official League Champion. The playoffs and PokerBowl are just a special event meant for added fun, competition and prize opps.... EPC Inc. assumes no responsibility for any altercations due to excessive bravado and/or bragging after the EPC PokerBowl.

League MVP
I have come up with a "formula" for a true League MVP. The League MVP will be named approximately 1 week after the season ends. After Season III we will also name the Season I and Season II MVP's retroactively. Note: alamoterror won what is now called the EPC Top Gun in Season I when it was called MVP. Fear not, he isn't going to be asked to return The was well earned.

Rookie of the Year
Awarded to the best new player in Team Play. There is no prize given for this award, other than a pat on the back and an "atta boy", which is plenty if you ask me.

Champions League
Yep, that's right....we are going to have a Champions League. Some of you that have been around a while may remember the old Champions League that ran on Thursday Nights. This is going to be very similar. Details are still being worked out, there will be a post soon about qualifying, scheduling and how it's going to work.

Sunday Qualifiers...Final Tournaments...BRAG?
Very soon we will be starting up Sunday Qualifers. We may also have daily MTT's like the old ESPN-PC. Of course if they are going to be called qualifiers then I suppose we should be qualifiying for something eh? That something will be called The Final Tournament, which will hopefully offer a chance to win the biggest prize ever given away at EPC Poker Leagues. Details forthcoming.

I have already detailed the changes in scoring for Team Play. An explanation of the new scoring, with comparisons to the old/current scoring, can be found HERE

So that is just some of the new features coming to EPC Poker Leagues. Yeah, there's more, but I'm done typing for a while...

Thanks for's fun
Sarcastic smile

Tony T
EPC Poker Leagues

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