The Two For Tuesday Turbo

This tournament is held every Tuesday night at 8pm EST.  It is a fast paced tournament with 3 minute blinds and a starting stack of $1500. Here's how it works:

It's basically a two week series that continuously repeats. Every two weeks the player with the most points from  the last two tournaments will win a poker cap. These prizes are independent and separate from  the EPC Poker Leagues seasonal prizes and will be sent out within 3 weeks of being won. These are nice high quality stretch-fit caps. I personally prefer the one that is made of a material that resembles poker felt.

So it's easier for the players to keep track of  which week we are in,  the  tournaments are named Two For Tuesday A,  and Two For Tuesday B. Every 2 weeks we add up the scores of all players from A and B and the player with the most points wins a poker hat.


Click HERE for results & scores

Thanks for playing, and GOOD LUCK!

Tony T
EPC Poker League

Tiebreaker rules:

-If two players are tied with the most points and they each won a tourney, the player with the lowest finish in their other tourney wins. Examples: Andy wins the A game, Bob wins the B game. Each player scored points solely from their win, and they are tied. Andy finished 17th in the B game, Bob finished 29th in the A game; Andy wins the hat. If one of these players played in both tourneys and the other only played in one, the player that played in both tourneys wins the hat. If they both have the same finish in their other game, the player with the best finish in the following weeks A game wins the hat.
-All other ties settled in the following weeks A game
-If the following weeks A game is needed to break a tie and none of the tied players play in it, the hat is put back into the prize pool.

Players that have won poker caps playing the Two For Tuesday Turbo:

ArnoldZifell    ~    nicedreams4
    ~    smarttrac    ~    FattieQ

noles31750 (2)
   ~    fuddly004    ~    fnich72

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