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Some Info on Team Play

Before a new season starts we post a sign up sheet at the EPC Poker Message Board for players to sign up for Team Play, basically stating their intention to play. We ask that players participating in Team Play play at least one or two League Tournaments per week, hopefully more. The Team Play Sign Up is always posted on or about Week 8 of the currently running season. You can participate in team play by simply signing up and if you want, possibly start your own team by requesting to be a captain when you sign up to play. The number of captain slots available depends on the amount of players that sign up; we like to have at least 15 players per team. A player can also sign up via email or on the club lobby comment wall. We try to make it as easy and convenient as possible. The important thing is to make sure you are somehow put on the sign up sheet.

All players that wish to participate in Team Play MUST sign up before the start of a new season, even if they were on a team the previous season. This includes captains and co-captains. The captain of a team gets to retain a few players -- called "keepers" -- that were on their team the previous season, then drafts the rest of their players from the sign up list. New teams choose a few players from a pool of "unprotected" players before the draft to make up for not having keepers. Players score points for their team by finishing in the top 15% of any of the seven League Tournaments held each week. Players that are new to team play must prospect their first season. Go to the Prospects page for more info.

The team season is 10 weeks long. Season IX will conclude on Saturday, June 8th, followed by a 3 week break. The Season X Pre-Season Special, a series of tournaments that awards a prize to the player that finishes with the most points, will run during the break, as will the Playoffs, the PokerBowl, plus some special events. The Pre-Season Special tournament schedule is the same as the League Tournament Schedule. Season IX is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 1st. There are many opportunities to win prizes playing team poker; League MVP, League Scoring Leader and Player of the Week honors, are examples of ways to win. There are also awards for things like most tournament wins and most final tables. If you have never tried team poker, give it a go; it's a lot of fun and is a good way to meet and learn from other players. It is also possible to win individual championships by competing for each League Tournament's League Champion title. Records for team and individual stats and standings can be found via menu tabs at the top of each web page.

League Tournament Schedule (All times EST)
Monday Poker League - 12:00 pm
Monday Night Poker League - 9:15 pm
Tuesday Night Poker League - 11:00 pm
Wednesday Poker League - 4:15 pm
Thursday Night Poker League - 8:30 pm
Friday Night Poker League - 9:15 pm
Saturday Poker League - 4:15 pm

How to Join EPC Poker Leagues:
Log onto PokerStars

In the main lobby, click the 'Home Games' tab
Now click the green 'join a Poker Club' tab
Enter the following information:
Club ID Number: 434686
Invitation Code: we got this

To notify us of a problem, report a chat offense, or voice a concern regarding any aspect of EPC Poker Leagues, please email us and we will work most expeditiously to resolve the situation. If you would like to receive automated emails concerning Team Play, drafts, sign ups, new tournaments/prizes etc, and new developments with EPC Poker Leagues, just send us an email requesting to be put on our Email Alert List.

We don't look to control personalities at EPC, but there are limits as to what we can tolerate. Extreme Vulgarity, Racial or Homophobic Remarks, Slander, and Harassment (Repeatedly badgering a specific player/team or following a player from table to table on the rail) are ways you can earn a suspension from EPC Poker Leagues. Another issue we have been dealing with lately is Group harassment at Final Tables and it also will not be tolerated. Every situation is handled on a case by case basis, but generally a warning is issued followed by a 1 or 2 game suspension. If you work at it a little you can even get yourself permanently removed from EPC. It is also possible to be removed from the club permanently for a first offense. Concerning Slander: It is highly recommended that any allegations of wrong doing are reported to EPC via email. If the situation is not handled to your satisfaction you are free to respond however you want. This is not about censorship or hiding anything, it's about protecting players from being wrongly accused w/o merit and the drama that almost certainly will follow.

Table Chat Between Teammates is another somewhat common issue. We realize that "soft play" will always occur to some degree, whether by teammates, friends, or any players that for whatever reason are familiar with each other (contrary to some peoples beliefs this is not confined to just team play), but discussing your hand in any way, throwing out hints, or suggesting how another player plays their cards, etc, will not be tolerated. I say "somewhat common" because although this doesn't actually happen very often at EPC—I get complaints about it once maybe twice during a season, if at all, and most times it is done by newer players that are perhaps a bit confused about the team play concept and/or the rules of poker—any occurrence of this sort of behavior is enough to threaten the integrity of the game.

It can not be stressed enough that the players themselves are the best defense we have against chat offenses. We monitor the tables to the best of our ability but we can't be everywhere all the time. If you see a chat offense please do not hesitate to report it to EPC via email.

On a personal note I would just like to add that in my opinion a very large majority of the players at EPC are, in a word, awesome. They are good people that just love the game of poker and enjoy the competitiveness, camaraderie, and challenge that is EPC, and to them I say Salute!

If you have any questions you can submit them with the easy to use form on the Contact Us page, or email us at
. Another good place to get answers, meet other EPC Poker Players, and find out about other great Home Games is the EPC Poker Message Board.

Good luck, and thanks for playing

Tony T
EPC Poker Leagues

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