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You MUST sign up if you want to play on a team for Season X, even if you played on a team the previous season. Signing up for team play is easy...


►►►IMPORTANT- You must sign up with your PokerStars TABLE NAME◄◄◄

Sign up either of the following ways:
-- The EPC Poker Message board: Here is the link - Poker Message Board Find the thread titled "EPC Poker Leagues Season X Team Play Sign Up" and post your PokerStars player name there. You need to register a user name to post with (it's very easy and takes about one minute). It is recommended, though not necessary, that you become familiar with the EPC Message Board if you play on a team. A lot of team info is posted there and it's a good way to get to know your teammates and other poker players. There is also a lot of info on some other great Home Games there.
- Email Us: Send your PokerStars player name along with a request to be put on the Season X Sign Up list to epcpokerleagues@hotmail.com.

(You only need to sign up in one place, just make sure your name is put on the sign up list)

Season IX ends on Saturday, June 8th, Season X starts on Monday, July 1st.
The draft will be held about 2 or 3 days before the start of Season X.
Team rosters will be posted here and at the Poker Message Board within 24 hrs after the draft.

There is some info on Team Play below, including some material on chat/behavior guidlines. Please take a few minutes to check that out. We need your help in this dept.

Also, we will be posting a short list of rules on this page before the new season starts.

If you have any questions they can be submitted at the sign up locations or email us.

Good luck, and thanks for playing....it's fun.

Tony T
EPC Poker Leagues
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EPC Poker Leagues continues a long tradition of league tournaments for both individual and team play that began at a place called The ESPN Poker Club. Poker players of all levels of play are welcome. For the experienced player, EPC Poker Leagues offers some of the most competitive free poker you will find—with many long time online players, live tourney/casino vets, and WSOP veterans participating regularly, and the occasional pro stopping in—and is also a great place to start for the beginner player, as you will find many friendly people willing to share advice and tips.

We have daily league tournaments, as well as special event tournaments, and also track every players scores and stats for team play and individual awards. And thanks to some very generous sponsors we are able to offer prizes, which is always cool. Who doesn't like winning a prize?

Click here to read more about How To Join, How To Win, Team Play, and more.


EPC Poker Leagues continues a long tradition of league tournaments for both individual and team play that began at a place called The ESPN Poker Club. Poker players of all levels of play are welcome. For the experienced player, EPC Poker Leagues offers some of the most competitive free poker you will find—with many long time online players, live tourney/casino vets, and WSOP veterans participating regularly, and the occasional pro stopping in—and is also a great place to start for the beginner player, as you will find many friendly people willing to share advice and tips.

We have daily league tournaments, as well as special event tournaments, and also track every players scores and stats for team play and individual awards. And thanks to some very generous sponsors we are able to offer prizes, which is always cool. Who doesn't like winning a prize?

Click here to read more about How To Join, How To Win, Team Play, and more.

Season IV - Week 8

Ok, I never saw this coming. Things have tightened up all over EPC, in the team standings and the individual races as well. Two weeks ago it seemed a near certainty the Ace Holes were going to coast to the championship, despite my constant ramblings of "One good week is all it takes!", or "Just keep chipping away!" ( I may be a Tony but my last name isn't Robbins). After four weeks with the 2nd thru 4th place teams bobbing up and down without any of them making any gains, the BADazzBEARS made some progress in Week 7 and seemed the only remaining threat to Hole domination, and a bit of a long shot threat at that. One week later the Bears have crept a little closer and a couple other teams, Generation X and the Chip Chargers, have crept a lot closer. Now we have 3 teams withing striking distance with 2 weeks left to play. Make no mistake, the Ace Holes are a very talented team and still have a decent lead, they won't be easy to catch. They could easily seal the deal with a strong rebound this week. But they can ill afford a repeat of their Week 8 showing because the teams behind them aint too shabby either...one or more of them could end up uncomfortably close heading into the final week. Good luck to all the teams and players in Week 9.

Team Standings
After averaging almost 1,200 pts a week thru the first 7 weeks of the season the 1st place Ace Holes had an unexpected let down in Week 8, coming in with just 378 pts. This enabled the 2nd place BADazzBEARS to cut into their lead for the second week in a row.  With a score of 633 the Bears sliced about 250 pts of the Holes advantage.. But the real story of Week 8 was 4th place Generation X and the 3rd place Chip Chargers. Mired in the middle of the pack just a couple weeks ago, the X'ers brought in a massive 1,437 pts for the week--just 12 pts below the Season IV record--chopping over 1,000 pts off the Holes lead and putting them with the Bears in legitimate contention. Meanwhile the 3rd place Chargers, who last week were clinging to the last playoff spot by just a few points, not only substantially increased their lead in the playoff picture but also pulled up alongside the Bears by scoring 1,197 pts for the week. The 2nd through 4th place teams are now all within 900 pts of the lead. Before last week I would have said that at least one of them would have to make a decent gain in Week 9, but now...I have no idea. I'll just wait for the scores. We also have Alpha, the MAD BOMBERS and the Cheeky Monkeys still in contention for a playoff spot, which is detailed on the Team Standings page.

Player of the Week
Leading the Gen X charge in a big way was RAMS_Lolo, who set a new league high for Season IV weekly scoring. RAMS had a win to go along with 3 other stellar finishes of 3rd, 4th and 11th to tally 409 pts for the week. Great job. SPOILER64 made top 5 for the 4th time this season, coming in with 279 pts (2nd, 3rd, 12th) to assist with the Alpha playoff cause. SPOILER has also now become a solid MVP candidate. FishBaitAA continues to rack up the wins, getting two in one day with a nifty Monday double smackdown, and netted 272 pts for the week. RaidrClaus is making a habit of raiding final tables, landing 2 and just missing a 3rd in week 8 while scoring 251 pts and Cheeky Monkey Jellybaby10 did her part to help cover for some MIA monkeys by scoring 246 pts. Great work everyone, all points are tough points.

Scoring Leaders
Like most of the individual standings, this race has tightened up considerably. There are now 15 or so players in contention for the league scoring title. SPOILER64 has moved into the lead, scoring 1,308 pts so far this season. MVP contender ssrydyr33 was busy with other activities last week and after several weeks in the lead he slipped to 2nd with 1,239 pts. RaidrClaus leads the Negreanu Division and is 3rd overall with 1,219 pts, followed by lovemisou with 1,099 and Peggia74 at 1,067 pts. Others players in the top 10 are XBad_Company (1,031), Dirty Rook (932), proftax42 (927), olemoose (904), and GandalfDwite (900).

EPC Top Gun
This one is even tighter and as always, pressure packed. Veteran ESPN-PC war horse Has4AsMaybe pulled into the lead with an average low score of 7.38. This guy knows how to make his way to a final table and won't be easy to catch, but with the Top Gun anything can happen.
Very little margin for error here. Peggia74 has been steady all season and moved up to 2nd place by lowering his average to 7.75. He has also put himself in the MVP conversation. SPOILER64 (7.88), SkyAwe (8.13) and lovemiscou (8.38) round out the top 5. As with the scoring leaders there are many players beyond the top 5 that are still in contention.

Wins & Final Tables
FishBaitAA extended his Wins lead, picking up 2 more W's for a total of 5. That will be tough to beat. If pokerguru02 makes a final table this season he wins it, going 3 for 3 so far to sit alone in 2nd place with 3 wins so far this season. Impressive. There are 8 other players with multiple wins so far this season, all tied for 3rd with 2 wins each. SPOILER64 and ssrydyr33 are battling for MVP and also the Final Tables lead, both have 11 ft's so far this season. There's a good chance the one that ends up atop the final table board will take home the hardware. One award EPC veteran SPOILER can't stop ssrydyr from nabbing is Rookie of the Year, which 'rydyr still has the inside track on. But there are a few other rookies that have crept closer in that department and they are scattered throughout the final table leaderboard as well. LBM&T, Peggia74, proftax42, RaidrClaus, XBad_Company form a 5 way tie for 2nd with 8 ft's each.

League Champs

All seven of the League Championships are still very much up for grabs with 2 weeks left to play. Most of the league leads are literally just a couple points, with four of them under 15 pts. The other three aren't much more, with leads ranging from 30 to 75 points. Like last season it looks like there will be some exciting finishes here. Better call Ace...

Week 8 League Tournament Winners
Monday PL - FishBaitAA
Monday Night PL - FishBaitAA
Tuesday Night PL - pokerguru02
Wednesday PL - Schug
Thursday Night PL - DebbyD400
Friday Night PL - bennet442
Saturday PL - RAMs_Lolo

Thanks for playing....it's fun
Sarcastic smile

Tony T

Season IX - Week 5 "Mid-Season Report"

Team Standings
At the
mid-point of Season IX it's looking like another two horse race between our last two champions, Alpha and the MAD BOMBERS. Alpha had the most points for the 2nd week in a row, coming in with 1,446, but once again they didn't gain much ground on the Bombers, who came in with the 2nd most points, netting 1,433 for the week. The two teams have been playing tight the past couple weeks but this won't be a repeat of Season XIII as the Bombers have held 1st place since Week 1 and currently hold a nearly 1,700 point advantage. No back and forth tug-o-war this time....Alpha will need to dig in and make some gains over the next few weeks. It's a tough order with the Bombers potent line up and amazing scoring consistency (25 straight weeks of 1,000 or more points), but anybody that would count out the well oiled machine known as Alpha obviously hasn't been paying attention the past year and a half.

While it is looking like a typical Alpha/Bomber slugfest, there are a couple teams that could still spring our first ever "Shock the world 2nd half comeback". 3rd place Free Sno Cone, who came in with 835 pts for the week, has shown flashes of greatness and has some top notch league sharks on a deep roster, but has yet to click on all cubes and put together the type of weeks necessary to stay close to the leaders, ditto for Generation X, who had the 3rd highest score this week with 1,047 pts to move into 4th place, having a bit of an up and down season as well. Take it from someone who knows, it's an extremely fine line between championship contender and distant runner up. Both of these teams consistently have several players going deep in tournaments, they are just a few breaks–a turn here, a river there–from bringing in the big scores necessary to make a run.

The Chip Chargers had a week to forget that dropped them to 5th place, but they are still plenty viable for a playoff position, less than 600 pts back of 4th. Kool Breeze, the Cheeky Monkeys (who moved up two spots in the standings this week, well done), the BADazzBEARS and The Donk Squad are all over 1,000 pts out of the playoff picture but any one of them could get hot and make a run for the 4 spot like the Pubes did last season. Last, but far from least, is Pags To Riches, who despite a morbid start to the season maintain a healthy competitive make up and could possibly make a shock the world playoff run. Good luck to all the teams for the second half.

Player of the Week
Shirtless warrior XBad_Company, who is having his typical top 10 caliber season, had 2 final table finishes of 4th and 8th, and just missed in two other tourneys (10th and 14th) while racking up 314 pts for Alpha to take Player of the Week honors. It's no surprise to see Xbad kick it up a notch, this guy is all about the championships, and he knows the score right now. Expect more of this in the 2nd half, well done ho. jim33_65 seems to be back in form after a short hiatus. He had a win plus 3 other nice finishes of 7th, 14th and 26th to bring in 289 pts for Gen X, great job. Jr_RLC also had 4 scores (5th, 9th, 10th, 17th) to net 275 pts for Alpha, Peggia74, "The Cyborg Shark", had 3 scores (2nd, 4th, 14th) and 257 pts for the Bombers, and ArnoldZifell, one of the steadiest league players around, had 3 scores (5th, 8th, 10th) and 255 pts for the Bears. Other team leaders were: gamecock1961/Free Sno Cone, GALadyluck/Cheeky Monkeys, yankeenut23/Pags To Riches, crockies99/Kool Breeze (as usual), Jamese1949/The Donk Squad, and Ohio June/Chip Chargers. Well done everyone. 

League Scoring Leaders
gamecock1961 is putting together what could be a legendary season. He has 1,125 pts at the midway point of Season IX, which puts him on pace to crush the scoring record. He also leads in the other two Triple Crown categories, so along with being a leading MVP candidate he could have a season we haven't seen the likes of since....well since last season actually, by our 2nd place scorer, 2 time defending MVP and triple crown winner Peggia74, who is at it once again. With 1,059 pts thru Week 5 Peg is also on pace to break 2,000 pts for the season, as is bolenator, who is 3rd, just a few tenths back, with 1,058 pts. These 3 players have now put some decent separation between themselves and the rest of the league, more on that in a bit. GregT84 remains a top, if not the top, RotY candidate, and is 4th in scoring with 891 pts, and XBad_Company is top 5 with 874 pts. Another top rookie, prospect NLMonstarr has 832 pts, followed by YOUNG.G.LEEP (675 pts), Ybucks (667 pts), Hi I'mDexter (665 pts), jim33_65 (609 pts) and jacki321 (588 pts).

EPC Top Gun
gamecock1961 has taken the Top Gun lead with a nifty 'best low score avg' of 4.8. bolenator is 2nd with a 5.2, followed by XBad_Company with an even 6, Wash5690 at 8.8, and Season IX RotY crockies99 has avoided any sopmore slump so far, in 5th with an avg of 9. MVP hawks Dirty Rook and Peggia74 are tied for 6th at 9.2, followed by rookie tripeagle (9.4), Shammy Cat (10.2) and OZZY-STL (10.6). As we nearly always mention, this is a high pressure category; our leaders need to land a final or close every week to stay in contention. To say that is no easy feat is a major understatement. Most weeks a contender or two will take a tumble down the standings, as paintman19 and ibooktees did this week, with paintman going from 1st place all the way to well out of the top 50 and out of contention. We're talking about a former Final Tournament winner and one of the most solid players in all of league, just to give you an idea how tough these guys have it. Most of us can't relate. Good luck the rest of the way.

Wins and Final Tables
TechnoPoker7 still leads the league in wins with 3, but has quite a bit of company now as a multiple tourney winner as 3 players, bolenator, NLMonstarr (2 wins for the week), and Wash5690, got their 2nd win of the season and are now tied with ibooktees in 2nd place. Triple Crown contender gamecock1961 added a pair of ft's (2nd, 9th) to his Season IX tally this week, and leads the league with 9 ft's thus far. gc is looking to join some rarified air, only two players have managed the Triple Crown feat at EPC. We have a 3 way tie for 2nd between bolenator, NLMonstarr and Peggia74, each with 7 ft's. The cyborg is also well in triple crown contention, and could join Dirty Rook as a multiple winner of that prestigious title. GregT84 is alone in 5th with 6 ft's, and we have a 5 way tie for 6th, as Hi I'mDexter, jacki321, XBad_Company, Ybucks and YOUNG.G.LEEP all have 5 ft's. 6 players have landed 4 ft's this season.

bolenator held onto the lead here for the second week in a row with an avg of 36.5 points per game. Very nice. gamecock1961 is 2nd with 32.1 ppg, followed by Peggia74 (30.3 ppg), Ybucks (30.3 ppg), DR. EVIL21 (30 ppg), GregT84 (29.7 ppg), jim33_65 (27.7 ppg), XBad_Company (26.5 ppg), Hi I'mDexter (23.8 ppg) and MoreLager (23.7 ppg).

Avg Finish
Dro420 leads here for the 3rd straight week and has an average finish of 49th for all tournaments played, impressive. Rookie GregT84
(51st) is 2nd, Peggia74 (30.3) is 3rd, jfkpags (54th) is 4th and bolenator, the only player in league who is top 5 in every offensive stat, is tied with DR. EVIL21 for 5th, with an avg of 55th of course. jacki321 (56th), BigAlzzzz (58th), IUOE399 (59th) and gamecock1961 (60th) round out the top 10.

League Champs
5 of the 7 leagues have new leaders this week. Mid-Season leaders, with # of cashes and points lead, are:
Monday PL: Peggia74 (3 cashes,+25 pts),Monday Night PL: NLMonstarr (2 cashes,+4 pts),Tuesday Night PL: XStPatrickX(3 cashes, +13 pts), Wednesday PL: gamecock1961 (3 cashes, +14 pts), Thursday Night PL: NLMonstarr (3 cashes, +16 pts), Friday Night PL: GregT84 (3 cashes, +68 pts), Saturday PL: TechnoPoker7, (3 cashes, +70 pts). bolenator and Peggia74 have cashed a single league 4 times and are the only players on pace for the 7 cash benchmark. The avg lead for the Mon-Thur leagues is a paltry 14 pts.

Four prospects, Double Run1, liqr_pokr_69, michaelama, and NLMonstarr, became eligible for the draft, congrats. NLMonstarr had one of the best two week runs in the history of EPC,
following up a 3 final table (3rd, 7th, 9th) 313 pt effort last week with two wins, plus a 4th and a 20th place finish for 401 pts this week. That's 2 wins, 6 final tables and 7 scores for 714 pts in two weeks. Very well done. NLMonstarr leads all prospects in scoring with 832 pts, followed by NJDutch (411 pts), Nimrod501 (318 pts), michaelama (287 pts) and liqr_pokr_69 (260 pts). NJDutch still leads all prospects in the Top Gun with an impressive 11.6, NLMonstarr leads in PPG with 41.6 and michaelama has the lowest avg finish, 54th. We will include prospects in the league leaders for the weekly recaps when we can, but can't make any promises on being 100% with that. At the end of the season they will be put into all the final standings for the league.

Rookie of the Year
GregT84 and NLMonstarr are far and away the leaders for RotY. Among those close enough to still be considered in contention are ibooktees, tripeagle, NJDutch, Nimrod501 and wippydip. Remember, the Rookie of the Year gets an "Atta boy!" and a nice pat on the back. One of our nicer prizes if you ask me.

League MVP
gamecock1961, Peggia74 and bolenator are the early leaders for MVP, and each of them are also triple crown contenders. gamecock leads all 3 triple crown categories (Scoring, Top Gun, Final Tables), while bolenator is the only player in league that's top 5 in every offensive category, and Peggia...well, he's a cyborg, and the two-time defending League MVP.... 'nuff said. Still a lot of poker to be played though, and some players still in contention are XBad_Company, Ybucks, YOUNG.G.LEEP, Shammy Cat, tommydoo, Hi I'mDexter, jim33_65, GregT84 and jacki321. 4 time MVP Dirty Rook can never be counted out.

Week 4 League Tourney Winners:

Monday PL - Wash5690
Monday Night PL - 75 diamonds
Tuesday Night PL - jim33_65
Wednesday PL - bolenator
Thursday Night PL - NLMonstarr
Friday Night PL - Ybucks
Saturday PL -

Good luck to all the players for the second half,


Week 10/Season VII Recap

Congrats MAD BOMBERS: EPC Poker Leagues Season VII Champions

Week 10 Recap:

Team Standings

Not a lot of change in the Team Standings after Week 10. The MAD BOMBERS had secured their championship at least a couple weeks earlier and were just trying to nab a few more records. Two major ones they were going for were Most Wins in a season and Largest Margin of Victory. They didn't lose any ground to 2nd place Alpha in Week 10, in fact they tacked on another 600 pts, so they finished with a 4,398 pt lead, easily besting Alpha's record from Season VI (2,987). The weekly win was a different story. Talk about close calls. If the Bombers won Week 10 it would have been their 8th win of the season, topping Alpha's record of 7, which of course they came into the week tied with. The Bombers made a great bid, finishing the week with 1,260 pts, but Pags To Riches scored 1,260.2, winning the week and preventing the Bombers from claiming the record outright by a mere 2/10th of a point. That's what the decimals are there for boys and girls, tiebreakers, Other than that we round 'em off. Great job either way Bombers on a truly dominating season. More on that in the Season VII Recap.

The only other item concerning team accomplishment to be decided in Week 10 was the playoff seeds. 4 teams make the new playoff format (2 division champs & the next 2 best records from all the remaining teams). Heading into the final week the BADazzBears held the 4th and final spot and the only team with a somewhat realistic chance of catching them was Generation X, who were about 700 pts back in 5th. Gen X made a great bid, finishing the week with over 1,000 pts, but the Bears scored almost 800 to secure the 4th and final playoff spot. The seedings for the playoffs are as follows: 1- MAD BOMBERS, 2- Alpha, 3- Pags To Riches, 4- BADazzBEARS. The winners of the first round (#1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3) will advance to the first ever World Championship of Free Online Poker - Poker Bowl I. Big stuff ; ) Good luck to all the teams headed into the playoffs, and we will be scheduling an end-of-season tournament with millions of play chips of for grabs. Watch the EPC Message Board and the EPC website for info and updates.

Week 10 Player of the Week
A big week for one of our newer players to EPC, as Mad Bomber CintiSlim, who came into the week battling with 6 other players for Rookie of the Year, had 2 wins, plus a nifty 10th place finish for a total of 306 pts to take Player of the Week honors for Week 10. Was this enough to put Slim over the the top to take at least a piece of the hardware, or perhaps even take it home all for himself.....keep reading for the Season VII Recap to find out. Either way it shakes out, great job Slim. Jr_RLC had a strong week as well, getting an impressive 4 scores (6th, 8th, 13th, 15th) to make 273 pts for the playoff bound pags unit, well done. GandalfDwite had a win and a near miss 2nd place finish to tally 253 pts for the Holes, riddle78 got his league leading 6th win of the season, plus two other scores, to total 246 for the Bombers, and TimmSweeney6, who will take over as captain for Gen X, wrapped up the season with a 2nd and 3rd place finish and 223 pts. Other team leaders were olemoose/BADazzBEARS, SkyAwe/Chip Chargers, BigAlzzzz/Solvent Puberties, wisecall/Kool Breeze, GAMMONATOR/Alpha, and jraes/Cheeky Monkeys. Great job everyone.

Week 10 League Tourney Winners
Monday PL - boisvert711
Monday Night PL - ilpincc
Tuesday Night PL - riddle78
Wednesday PL - CintiSlim
hursday Night PL - GandalfDwite
Friday Night PL - 1Pokergranni
Saturday PL - CintiSlim

Season VII Recap:

The MAD BOMBERS had one of the most dominating seasons in EPC history. A big reason for this was their ability to supplement one of the most explosive cores in the league with a strong supporting cast consisting of a few semi-retired league vets playing limited schedules but making the most of their chances, along with some strong new additions to EPC, including 3 contenders for top Rookie honors. They had 4 of the top 10 scorers in the league, but perhaps more impressive they had 5 more players lurking just outside the Top 10, with 9 players on their roster scoring over 850 pts. To put that somewhat in perspective, 850 pts would have led 2 teams and been top 3 for over half the leagues teams. The Bombers set quite a few impressive records this season too, including an amazing 14,995 pts scored for the season, crushing the old record by over 2,000 pts. To put this one in perspective, consider this: The Bombers AVERAGED 1,500 pts a week....no other team in the league broke 1,500 for any week of the season. That there my friends is quite impressive. Another record they set was most points in a week when they netted 2,154 pts for Week 5. They also set a new league mark that week with 12 players with 100+ points. They accomplished a wire-to-wire title run, something that doesn't happen very often in team poker. There were quite a few strong individual performances among the players of this team as well, with Bomber players representing multiple contenders for both MVP and Rookie of the Year. More on that to come. Congrats and well done MAD BOMBERS on a truly dominating season, and good luck trying for the always difficult repeat....as tough as getting to the top is, staying there can be even harder.

League Scoring Title
Gracing the tables with mad skillz and a calm demeanor since his arrival a couple seasons ago, Peggia74 turned it up a notch for Season VII, leading several categories including the important scoring department, and he took down the scoring title with a total of 1,675 pts. Well done Peg. Right on his heels though was another continual top shelf league shark, Deadhead24/7, just 49 pts back with 1,626. Not too shabby! elcalifoo followed up an MVP runner up Season VI campaign with another MVP caliber performance, coming in 3rd in scoring with 1,495. This guy definitely has a nose for making the points. To wit: 'cali made the points in his first tourney of the season, extending his record consecutive tourney scoring streak to 8. Amazing. The old record of 6 had stood quite a while and it's hard seeing someone breaking this record. Making the points at EPC is no easy chore and to do it 8 straight tourneys is quite the feat. Perhaps the #8 has become EPC's version of 56....way to go caldimaggio! easydeuce747, with 1,320 pts and SkyAwe, with 1,230 both got top 5's, finishing 4th and 5th. Rounding out the top 10 were CintiSlim (1,207 pts), riddle78 (1,176), bolenator (1,153 pts), alamoterror (1,127) and Dirty Rook managed to keep his amazing record of making top 10 every season we've had, finishing 10th with 1,084. Well done everyone.

EPC Top Gun

Back in the day this stat alone decided the League MVP. While that is no longer the case, this is still an impressive category to take down. Not only does it require the ability to make a final table, or close to it, week in and week out for the entire season, no easy task, but it also require a certain degree of clutch playing down the stretch, as just one off week can take a player out of contention. elcalifoo has shown a penchant for clutch play since joining EPC, and did it again, netting the low score needed on the last day of play to take down the Top Gun with a low score avg of 7.1. Great job. Peggia74 had taken the lead and would have gotten it if not for cali's last gasp, finishing a still impressive 2nd with an 8.5. easydeuce747 was 3rd at 8.9, Scott2937 took 4th with an even 9, very impressive considering his half schedule of play, and Deadhead24/7 was 5th with a 9.6. Living legend alamoterror is still at it, taking 6th place with an even 10, tied with another long time league vet, ArnoldZifell, who also finished up with a 10, bolenator was just back in 8th with a 10.1, flint8600 takes 9th at 10.4 and grinder BigAlzzzz is 10th with an 11.1. Well done.

With his all-or-nothing method of madness riddle78 managed to put together a top 10 caliber season that included a record-tying 6 tournament wins for the season. Great job. He would have had twice as many as the next best total if not for the great finish by his rookie teammate, CintiSlim, who wrapped up the season with a pair of victories in the last 4 games to finish with 4 wins. Great job there as well. elcalifoo and wash5690 were tied for 3rd, each securing 3 wins this season, and we had 6 players, $immon$, alamoterror, AxeMan2012, Dirty Rook, gamecock1961 and GandalfDwite, tied for 5th with 2 wins a piece. All totaled that's 10 players with multiple wins this season out of the 648 that played tournaments. Exclusive company for sure. Well done.

Final Tables
Quite a battle for this one, and with the lead changing hands almost every week, it made sense to see it end in a 3 way tie, as Deadhead24/7, easydeuce747 and Peggia74 all finishing with 11 final tables. Way to go. The power of the 7 and the 4 (Which adds up to 11 btw....Holy Mayan calendars Batman!). SkyAwe was alone in 4th with 10 ft's and Dirty Rook, elcalifoo and riddle78 formed a 3 way tie for 5th with 9 ft's each. We then had a 5 way tie for 8th between alamoterror, ArnoldZifell, BigAlzzzz, FISHHOOK-XS and TopAngel, each with 8 ft's to their credit. It's a tough journey to an EPC final table and anything around double figures is always an impressive feat, great job everyone.

Point Per Game
There's a few players that we had in mind when we created this stat and that's players that don't have the time to play 60 or 70 tourneys during the season. Great players that deserve some credit for making the most out of their limited opportunities. Scott2937 was one of them and it's far from a surprise to see that he led the league with 24.7 ppg. Good job. Peggia74 plays a lot and scores a lot, and he was 2nd with 24.3 ppg, ditto with elcalifoo, 3rd with 24.1 ppg, and Deadhead24/7, 4th with 23.9 ppg. OMAHA 2684 was 5th with an even 23 ppg. TopAngel (22.4), rip5432 (22), Has4AsMaybe (20.7), bolenator (20.2) and CintiSlim (20.1) round out the top 10.

Average Finish
ScrappyCuz75 eeked out the win here with an average finish of 48th for all tournaments played. Well done. landscaper68 was runner up with an avg of 49th, and 3 players, BigAlzzzz, butters9 and IUOE399, tied for 3rd with an avg of 51st. Peggia74 (52nd), TopAngel (55th), cheech 68 (56th), oldmetalhead (57th) and tracythebear (57th) all finished top 10 in this category that is a great example of consistency. Well done.

Rookie of the Year
At the halfway mark of the season we had one player, TopAngel, who was alone at the top in this category, leading almost every stat among the new players. After Week 5 though Angel slowed a bit, and that combined with surges by a slew of other EPC rookies, especially Shammy Cat and YOUNG.GLEEP, created a cluster of about 7 players in contention for this coming down the stretch. Then CintiSlim went on a major tear, really coming out of nowhere to take the lead. So who won, that is the question. The EPC Poker Leagues Rookie of the Year is.... CintiSlim. This was kind of close, but Slim was definitely the leader, and combined with his strong finish gets him the hardware to himself. If the stats were the same for all the players but one of the others near the top had been the one with the strong finish we may have had a couple players sharing this title....being able to come through at the end does matter. But as it was, CintiSlim was the easy choice here.  Well done. He led all Rookies with 1,207 pts, and had a very impressive win total of 4. Of the other 6 players in contention 3 had one and 3 had none. Slim had 7 ft's (the rookie leader had 8), and a very respectable Top Gun avg of 13.9 (just 1.2 pts separated the top 6 rookies in Top Gun avg). Slim also had the best League Champs resume among the rookies, getting a couple top 3 finishes and tied for the league lead with elcalifoo and Peggia74 with 3 top 10's. Well done and congrats. YOUNG.G.LEEP. FISHHOOK-XS, TopAngel, Shammy Cat, KingAnthony9 and 1jeremyj all get top rookie honorable mentions.

League MVP
Oh boy, now this was close. With no clear front runner and with none of the players finishing particularly strong, we end up with our first 3 way tie for League MVP. Peggia74, elcalifoo and Deadhead24/7 are our EPC Poker Leagues Season VII League MVP's. Peggia and Dead were tied for the final table lead and nearly tied for the scoring title, with peg edging out Dead by less than 50 pts. Meanwhile elcalifoo took the EPC Top Gun - once the sole deciding factor for MVP - by a fairly wide margin, with his 7.1 avg almost 1.5 pts lower than the next best score, which was Pegs 8.5. cali also had a big edge in tourney wins over the other contenders, 3 to 1. cali and peg both had a league leading 3 League Champ top 10's, with Peg taking down the Friday Night PL title. I could go on with a few more stats, but again, since day 1 the key word for MVP has been "separation", and with no one player getting any, we go with the 3 that got it over the rest of the field. All 3 of these players are tough outs and have cemented their positions on the EPC "top shelf". Speaking of tough outs, easydeuce747 caught our attention from the first day he joined EPC and easily stands alone as our 1st runner up. Congrats on another strong campaign deuce. Others receiving votes were: bolenator, alamoterror, riddle78 and SkyAwe.

League Champions
Monday PL Champion - ArnoldZifell
Monday Night PL Champion - alamoterror
Tuesday Night PL Champion - jraes
Wednesday PL Champion - easydeuce747
Thursday Night PL Champion - GandalfDwite
Friday Night PL Champion - Peggia74
Saturday PL Champion - Scott2937

Season VIII will be starting soon and we have all 10 teams returning. Good luck to all the teams and players.

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays


Season VII Champs

bolenator, Captain
youngguns60, Co-Capt
Big Mac 2060
ewe shud fol
Shammy Cat


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