About Prospects

New players (new meaning never played on a team @ EPC before) that sign up for Team Play are called "prospects" for their first season of play. Prospects points do not count towards team scores but do count towards all personal stat categories (i.e. Scoring Leaders, Top Gun, Wins & Final Tables etc). Prospects are eligible to win the Rookie of the year Award. If a player that was previously on a team misses a season or two or more, then comes back, they do not have to prospect. Also, exceptions will be made for "oldies".

After prospecting for one season and passing a few basic, easily attainable goals based on stats, participation and behavior set by the league, you will be eligible for all future drafts held by the league. Once you are no longer a prospect you are eligible for draft sign ups for life. Unless of course you are removed from the league.

Obviously not everyone is going to like this, and having to wait 10 weeks to become a contributing member of a team is going to seem like a long time to some players, but this is the way it is. Myself and all the team captains are behind this and we don't think it's asking a lot for players to somewhat earn their way in. A lot of us put a lot of work into this and we're just looking for you to put in a small bit of effort in return. Don't worry, it's going to be fairly easy to get in, but it's not longer going to be a free walk.

Here are the modest yet necessary goals a prospect must meet to become draft eligible:

1) Must play a minimum of 20 games*.
2) Must finish in the top 35% of the field at least 5 times.
3) Must score at least 100 pts.

Prospects that meet these requirements will be eligible for any future drafts. Once you are draft eligible you never have to prospect again, you are draft eligible for life.

*Registering for a tourney then sitting out the entire game doesn't count as a game played. If you autofold a tourney you get 2 games subtracted from your games played total (The game you autofolded plus one other). If you register for a tourney and something comes up that causes you to sitout, you can email epcpokerleagues@hotmail.com to let us know (be sure to include your player name) to get a pass on the 2 game penalty. The email needs to be sent the same week it happens.

Prospects have their own leader boards for Scoring, Top Gun, Avg Finish and PPG, which are posted below, and all of the prospects are on a stats sheet for their complete season stats, a link to which is also posted below.

The stats kept for prospects are from the same tournaments used for Team Play, these are called "League Tournaments", which are played Monday through Saturday at the following times:

League Schedule (All times ET)
Monday Poker League - 12:00 pm
Monday Night Poker League - 9:15 pm
Tuesday Night Poker League - 11:00 pm
Wednesday Poker League - 4:15 pm
Thursday Night Poker League - 8:30 pm
Friday Night Poker League - 9:15 pm
Saturday Poker League - 4:15 pm

If you have any questions email epcpokerleagues@hotmail.com for help.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

Click HERE to see the Prospect Stats Sheet
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