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Season X - Week 7
(Monday, Aug 12th to Saturday, Aug 17th)

Team Standings

By winning Week 7 with 1,048 pts Free Sno Cone was the only team able to gain any points on the Cheeky Monkeys, who finished 2nd with 938 pts. Just as in Week 6 the Cones had made some large gains during the week and then the poo fighters took most of them back in one fell swoop with a strong finish on Saturday. These Monkeys are a tough, consistent, relentless team, catching them will be no easy chore and it's looking like the odds are against it. But we still have 3 weeks of tournaments to play so this is far from over. An off week by the Monkeys could open the door for several teams, including Pags To Riches, who moved up another spot in the standings to 3rd, well done, and Generation X, who rebounded from a couple rough weeks to move back into the top 4. The Chip Chargers have a lot of top shelf talent and are still lurking in 5th place, and while Kool Breeze has cooled off a bit they are still in this at 1,157 pts back in 6th. We're still not counting out Alpha either, there's no doubt they can bust out an 1,800 type point week, which would put them right on the Monkey's tail, but time is growing short for all the contenders, if anyone is going to make a move they best get on it. Good luck to all the teams for Week 8. 

Player of the Week

With 4 ft finishes of 3rd, 3rd, 6th and 6th for 381 pts, GregT84
continues what has the potential to be a season of multiple new records to easily take Week 7 Player of the Week honors and also assist mightily in keeping the Pags unit in contention. Great job. alamoterror managed the rare feat of getting two wins in one week while chipping in 267 pts for Alpha, not too shabby, danigirl22 had a 1-2 punch, getting a win and a runner up 2nd place finish while tallying 235 pts for the resurgent Gen X, followed by a couple of Monkeys, Dro420 (1st, 13th, 15th/221 pts) and Uate1TOO (4th, 5th/210 pts). Other team leaders were: jackie321/Cones, GandalfDwite/Donks, 90softtop/Chargers, crockies99/Breeze, ArnoldZifell/Bears, and julestubby25/Fun House. Well done everyone.

League Scoring Leaders

GregT84 parlayed his strong week into the scoring lead with a league high 1,567 pts scored so far this season. Previous leader crockies99 didn't fall too far, now in 2nd with 1,510, and both players are still on pace to crack 2,000 for the season. ArnoldZifell is still within striking distance in 3rd with 1,231 pts, followed by elcalifoo in 4th with 989 pts and proftax42 is top 5 here with 961 pts. youngguns60 (940 pts), Dirty Rook (869 pts), Wash5690 (829 pts), alamoterror (825 pts) and Ybucks (771 pts) round out the top 10.

EPC Top Gun
GregT84 leads here as well with a quite remarkable Top Gun avg of 3.57. Outstanding. crockies99 has a 5.14, ArnoldZifell has an even 6, Wash5690 is at 6.71 and proftax42 is 5th with a 7.29. alamoterror moved up to 6th (7.43), followed by youngguns60 (9.14), Dro420 (9.57), BigAlzzzz (11) and Dirty Rook (11). In a category where one bad week can spell doom for a player this one is still wide open.

Wins and Final Tables
With the rare 2 win week alamoterror pushed his season total to a very impressive 5 wins and extended his lead to a daunting 3 wins over his nearest competition, with FattieQ, gamecock1961, GregT84, KIDICSTER, miller79time and proftax42 all tied for 2nd with 2 wins each. To put in perspective how difficult it is to get multiple wins in one season, just 7 players have done it so far out of just under 500 that have played league tournaments. Congrats to these 7 players on achieving a very prestigious feat. GregT84 moved into the ft lead with 13, crockies99 is 2nd with 12 ft's, ArnoldZifell, elcalifoo and youngguns60 are tied for 3rd with 8 ft's, and 7 players, 4EUROS2, alamoterror, Dirty Rook, Mitch7676, NJDutch, proftax42 and Wash5690, are all tied for 6th with 6ft's. Great job everyone.

crockies99 managed to hold onto his lead here with 34.3 points per game, but GregT84 is inching closer and closer every week, now just a couple tenths behind with 34.1 ppg. ArnoldZifell (32.4 ppg) is the only other player in league over 30 ppg, followed by elcalifoo (25.4), youngguns60 (24.1), TILTY JONES (23.5), Ybucks (22.7), fortuna5272 (20.6), proftax42 (20.0) and Wash5690 (19.3). 

Avg Finish
crockies ultra consistent play has him leading here as well, with an avg finish of 39th for all tournaments played, very impressive, followed by GALadyluck (41st), BigAlzzzz (45th), GregT84 (45th), xNightGirlx (45th), jacki321 (49th), ArnoldZifell (50th), butters9 (50th), SkyAwe (50th), and zacrudisail (50th).

Congrats to S@LJAH, who is now eligible for the Season XI draft. Leading scorers among prospects are FTW17 (417 pts), nufaninrome (362 pts), the-jue10 (318 pts), vanilladome4 (284 pts) and ozzy3323 (229 pts). nufaninrome leads with 22.6 ppg, FloDawg48 has the lowest Avg Finish (65th) and also leads all prospects in Top Gun with a 28.29.

League Champs
Leaders in the 7 individual Poker Leagues, with points lead:
Monday PL: alamoterror (+49 pts), Monday Night PL: ripshintn (+20 pts), Tuesday Night PL: GregT84 (+123 pts), Wednesday PL: GregT84 (+99 pts), Thursday Night PL: TILTY JONES (+.5 pts), Friday Night PL: Ybucks (+15 pts), Saturday PL: Big L 567 (+6 pts). GregT84, with 6 cashes in both the Tues and Wed leagues has a great chance to tie or even break the record of 8 cashes in a single league, two players, crockies 99 (2) and ArnoldZifell, have 5 cashes in a single league and thus are also still alive to make 8 , while 11 players have 4 cashes in a league and a chance to reach the 7 cash benchmark.

Week 7 League Tourney Winners:

Monday PL - danigirl22
Monday Night PL - jim33_65
Tuesday Night PL - KYLEY100
Wednesday PL - alamoterror
Thursday Night PL - FattieQ
Friday Night PL - alamoterror
Saturday PL - Dro420

Good luck to all the players for Week


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4th-XBad_Company-$3mil playchips, Poker Hat
5th - FattieQ - $2mil playchips, Music Download
6th - icisic2000 - $2mil playchips
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8th - MrPurple33 - $1.5mil playchips
9th - HotGams44 - $1mil playchips

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